Rocky Mountain Bar League (RMBL)

VOTR is proud to support Rocky Mountain Bar League (RMBL, “Rumble”) and their bar and bowling leagues. Since 2017, They’ve offered social-first leagues at numerous Denver bars, breweries and distilleries including at our VOTR Sponsor Bar, the Dive Inn (1380 South Broadway).

RMBL was created and organized by one of our summer staff, Marc Hoffman, and we are excited to support him and his various leagues. Leagues are offered year-round and include Bowling, Cornhole, Bar Pong and Giant Beer Pong. Team size varies from 4-6+ players per team and include player-exclusive drink specials, making it a great way to enjoy light-hearted competition with friends.



RMBL Bowling Leagues take place at Moe’s BBQ on S. Broadway (next to Gothic Theatre). This isn’t your dad’s bowling league. Assemble your squad of 6 (no bowling skills required) and enjoy 2 games of bowling each week with 10% Off Food and a lengthy list of $4 & Under drink specials.


RMBL’s Cornhole Leagues are offered year-round played both indoors and outdoors depending on the season. All skill-levels welcome, including no skills at all! Team size of 2-4+ so that you can get the whole friend squad involved.

Bar Pong

Bar Pong (aka Water-in-Cup Beer Pong) takes your favorite college drinking game and modifies it so that you can add it to your social calendar each week and still show up to work the next day.

Giant Beer Pong

Need more sports involving a Volleyball in your life? Try out our Giant Beer Pong Leagues at Bierstadt Lagerhaus (Year-round) and Ironton Distillery (Outdoor seasons). It’s Beer Pong but with volleyballs & 55-gallon barrels replacing ping pong balls & cups.

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Contact Information

Marc Hoffman
PH #: 928-279-4684
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