Directions & Maps

Volleyball of the Rockies (VOTR) uses many sites around the city to run its programming. Our hard court leagues currently use two locations located conveniently downtown, Metro State University and Dive Volleyball Club, we are always looking to add more space, check back regularly to see if we secure new court space. Our grass leagues currently use many parks within the central to south Denver corridor which allows us to use the best grass at the best parks, and keep VOTR USA's #1 grass volleyball league!


Washington Park (Wash Park)

The crown jewel of Denver where VOTR runs a majority of its coed 4x4 and coed 6x6 leagues. The city does not permit volleyball tournaments there except Denver's largest 2x2 event Beach Bash Doubles, Denver's only trips event Mile High Trips, one of Denver's largest juniors grass tournaments Mile High Juniors & our Fall Grass Coed 4x4 and 6x6 Challenge.


Harvard Gulch Park

VOTR uses Harvard Gulch Park for weekly league play, the volleyball zone is just east of the Recreation Center. For tournament play we use the entire park which includes a football field, 2 soccer fields on the north side & the volleyball zone and both baseball fields on the south side.


Observatory Park

Observatory Park over by DU is a park in tremendous condition that is used by VOTR league play. The volleyball zone is the north side of the park. We also use the big open field on the south side as well.


Garland Park

Garland Park has been used by VOTR since the 90's. Easy parking, great grass and plenty of trees for shade make this a great volleyball park. VOTR primarily uses the 2 volleyball zones that are located in the southeast part of the park. Garland also have 4 of the best sand volleyball courts in the city which are always ready for pick up play.


Cook Park

Cook Park located across from Garland Park is used during the summer by VOTR for weekly league play on multiple soccer & rugby fields.


Cranmer Park

VOTR's newest location to the park rotation, Cranmer Park has been a welcome addition. A wide open park with 2 soccer fields, VOTR uses this for weekly league play throughout the summer and fall months.


Jacobs Park

A staple park in the early 90's for VOTR has made it back into the current VOTR mix for league play. We use the rugby field which is the west part of the park, as well as the mixed-use grass on the east side.


Lowry Sports Complex

As VOTR grew so did our end of session tournaments. To hold a tournament of that size we needed a big park, we found our current home in 2009 on the 5 soccer and 2 baseball fields at Lowry Sports Complex. This is one of the biggest grass tournaments in the USA, typically Saturday is the coed 6x6 tournament and Sunday the coed 4x4 tournament. Free to league teams and available for non-league teams to sign up for. Our Spring Coed Challenge is typically the last weekend of June and the Summer Coed challenge the weekend after Labor Day. In addition the the tournament VOTR provides a BBQ of hamburgers and hot dogs and a Coca Cola for each player.


Creekside Park

The one VOTR park that is not part of Denver but conveniently located within Glendale. This park holds a division of our league very nicely, we use the grass field just east of the 2 sand volleyball courts.


Metro State University

Since 2005 VOTR has run 3-4 nights a week at Metro State University on 3 courts a night. This allows us to offer multiple levels of play for the best competition. We rent the courts at the PE/Event Center building


The Dive Volleyball Club

Since 2015 VOTR has run weekly league play at The Dive Volleyball Club. With multiple court use it allows us to offer multiple levels of play for the best competition. Located just north of Coors Field this downtown location has FREE convenient parking for league players.